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Spacebar Daily Ration Book

Spacebar Daily Ration Book


New to the Legion of Cygnus, Spacebar's Daily Ration Book is a great gift for anyone who frequents the "Arcade Underground." This hand dyed, hand stamped, Daily Ration Book gives 20 Daily Rations to the recipient to use at their discretion. Ordinarilly, you would only be able to recieve your Daily Ration during Spacebar's Happy Hour but with the Ration Book you are able to get your Daily Ration at any time during Spacebar's Business Hours. You also hold the power to use the Rations with your party as well so hand them out as you see fit. The rule of one Daily Ration per person, per day still applies. For an added element of personalization add your 3 letter high score handle to the back of the book. Be sure to keep this on your person and as part of your uniform at all times.

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